After teeth whitening treatment, you must wait 24-72 hours to eat normally. Following a teeth whitening procedure, monitoring your diet for optimal results is crucial. During the first two to three days after treatment, avoid foods that cause staining or sensitivity. 

When it is about teeth whitening, your teeth are more vulnerable to staining just after the procedure. Unmindful eating after the procedure can lead to less desirable results. Therefore, avoiding staining foods before returning to your regular diet and favourite foods is important. 

Tooth whitening results - Dining after treatment

Your Diet After Teeth Whitening

Food restrictions are also necessary among other teeth-whitening concerns that are essential to clarify. To maintain those dazzling smiles, here are some things you may follow during the initial days of whitening procedures – 

1. Have Safe White Foods

Consume a diet focusing on white or light-coloured food to avoid teeth staining. White pasta, rice, fish, chicken and steamed vegetables should be in your post-teeth whitening diet without adding coloured flavours or spices. 

You can also incorporate dairy products like milk, cheese and curd as they help neutralise acidic mouths. Potatoes, cashews, mushrooms, egg whites and pears are also permitted for the first 72 hours.

2. Avoid Naturally Coloured Foods

Avoid red meat, chocolate, matcha, turmeric, saffron, spinach, paprika, purple sweet potato, raspberries, strawberries, carrots, and pomegranates to prevent potential teeth staining. Curries and tomato-based sauces should also be restricted.

3. Strictly Refrain from Pigmented Foods

Highly pigmented or darkly coloured foods like tea, coffee, red wine, coloured sauces, black rice, and black seed oil are certain food restrictions after the first 24-72 hours of whitening. After a few days, you can resume eating normally. 

4. Avoid Acidic beverages and Sugary Foods

During the teeth whitening recovery, fruit juices, soft drinks and alcohol should be avoided. Even if you do, rinse or brush your teeth after consumption.

Consuming sugary treats like cakes, cookies, ice cream, and chocolates can lead to tooth decay and discoloration. So, these are not considered safe foods after teeth whitening. 

5. Avoid tobacco

Refrain from smoking for at least 24-72 hours as it may intensify teeth sensitivity after the whitening procedure and irritate heat and smoke. If you struggle to quit, ask your dentist to recommend new alternatives or medication. 

Following these recommendations after attending the long teeth whitening procedure can help you maintain a radiant smile while savouring your food. Just a little patience and care in the first few days of whitening can make all the difference. 

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