Do Dental Plans Cover Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Yes, Wisdom tooth extractions are covered to some extent by many dental insurance policies. 

Generally, benefits for wisdom tooth extractions cover 50% to 80% of the dentist’s expenses. Deductibles and copays are often also applicable.

Before covering the expense of wisdom teeth extraction, several policies include a waiting period. Verify that any waiting time has been satisfied if you have recently become eligible for dental insurance coverage before arranging your wisdom teeth extraction.

What are Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

A wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical dental process to remove one or more of four permanent adult teeth known as wisdom teeth placed at the top and bottom rear corners of our mouth.

When to contact the dentist about wisdom teeth removal ?

Fortunately, there are several warning signs that may help you determine whether these third molars are developing and whether you need to have a Plano Dental care right away.

  • Infection

There is a gap between the gum and the tooth when the wisdom teeth are trying to erupt and get impacted. This area is ideal for the accumulation of food and germs, which might result in a serious illness. You should contact the dentist if you’re experiencing discomfort along with additional symptoms like a fever.

  • Pain

It may not be necessary to contact the dentist about wisdom teeth removal if your discomfort is manageable and can be treated at home. Contact your dentist if you experience persistent discomfort that extends to the nearby teeth and gums. This is because your other teeth may get crowded as a result of the wisdom teeth potentially pressing on them. 

These are a few circumstances when it’s quite possible that you’ll need to contact a dentist for a thorough evaluation.

How many wisdom teeth can you have?

Typically, most people have four wisdom teeth, each located at the top and bottom rear corners of the mouth. They usually start growing or erupt during their teenage or early twenties. However, till the time they begin to grow, the other permanent teeth make their place in the mouth leaving no place for a wisdom tooth to grow properly.  

Nevertheless, there is one out of four people who does not have all four wisdom teeth.

What is the average cost of wisdom tooth removal?

Removal of wisdom teeth in the USA can cost between $75 and $250 for each tooth. An impacted wisdom tooth can cost anything from $200 to $600. On average, removing all four wisdom teeth costs between $600 and $1100. 

It’s not always necessary to go for wisdom teeth extraction. A healthy wisdom tooth can aid in chewing without affecting your bite or oral health if it can erupt straight and in alignment with the other teeth. However, if your mouth is too small to accommodate new molars or your wisdom teeth do not emerge straight into the mouth, this might result in crowding, cysts, or infections that necessitate the removal of the wisdom teeth. 

For instance, if the wisdom tooth is problematic or you require more than one tooth pulled, you can wind up spending extra.

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